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Woodland Indians
14 Jan 2017 / Nino /

You can see here the masters of two of my Woodland Indians, built from my resin anatomy mannequins.

The heads and arms come as separate parts, as required to minimize undercuts when making the RTV silicon rubber molds I use for low-volume batch production in white metal.

The head (or, rather, the face) of the standing figure is made of A+B putty, and serves as the base for the heads of all my other Indians. I based the face and hairstyle of this figure on period sketches by G. Townshend, trying to reproduce the racial features of the native warrior, and to capture his cruel, hideous expression as it would have appeared to uneasy European observers…

The head of the kneeling figure is a resin casting of the former. Note that the back of the warriors’ heads (actually, their scalps), made of DURO putty, are separate parts. Again, this is to avoid undercuts when making the rubber molds, and affords the additional advantage of allowing to use the same faces to produce heads with different hair styles (here the warrior’s hair is let grow longer in the back, and a porcupine-quill and moose-hair roach is worn).

Armed with French trade guns, axes and large butcher knives, both warriors go half-naked wearing only breechclout and moccasins. Powder horns, leather ammunition pouches, belt pockets, and small tobacco or medicine bags complete their kit. In addition, the kneeling figure sports a woolen sash knotted at his waist.