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More Woodland Indians
19 Jan 2017 / Nino /

I wanted one of my Woodland Indians to wear leggings, or mitasses. The option was between wrap-around cloth leggings or center-seam leather ones. In the event I choose the latter. The leggings are suspended to the warrior’s waist with narrow strings attached to the breechclout belt. In addition, colorful ribbon garters are worn just below the knees.

As with all my savages, this man’s main weapon is a trade gun. Instead of an axe, I gave him a maple war club or casse-tête, the traditional native weapon of the Eastern Woodlands. A large stabbing knife is tucked in the woolen sash worn at the waist, to which a leather belt pocket is also suspended. The ammunition pouch is of native design, decorated with porcupine quills and tinkle cones fitted with small tufts of dyed moose hair. Note the tobacco bag hanging from the warrior’s neck, made of the undressed skin of a small rodent.

The running figure wears no leggings. A scalping knife is hanging from his neck, as is a large shell, or wampum, disc. Besides the usual powder horn and ammunition pouch, I gave this man a fringed belt pocket and a gourd water canteen, which would be a useful complement to a raiding warrior’s kit.