resin toy soldiers 1:32 54mm FIW SYW
30 Jan 2017 / Nino /

I use polyurethane resin to produce my mannequins, but I had never considered making my toy soldiers in resin or palstic.

Now, with the help of a friend who introduced me to some resin miniature specialists, I have produced a test run of resin castings of one of my Woodland Indians.

The results are truly fantastic! The resin castings are virtually identical to the white-metal figure I have used as a master. There is no shrinkage, no distortion, no air bubbles whatsoever, and the detail is absolutely perfect!

This resin is flexible enough to withstand any reasonable amount of rough handling, yet, unlike injection plastic, it can be easily filed or shaved to remove the very few, almost inconsistent parting line fins generated by the low-pressure casting process.

The only appreciable difference between the metal and the resin figure is the negligible mass of the latter. And while the weight of the metal figure is undoubtedly part of its charm, I must say that the light, plastic toy soldier has a special appeal of its own…

Probably the greatest thing about resins is that while I am forced to produce my white-metal figures in kit form, the resin copy of the Woodland Indian has come out in just one single piece, no need of assembling!

I expect this may not be the case with all my figures. Some more complex, articulated poses may require one or both arms to be cast separately and then glued to the body, but altogether I can see the advantages of going resin, certainly for larger-volume production.