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Now available! French Line Infantry Fusiliers!
09 Sep 2020 / Nino /

I have now completed the production molds for nine of my recently sculpted French Line Infantry Fusiliers (see here), which I have added to my CATALOGUE page.

These are:

  • FR-C-01: Standing, holding musket at ready.
  • FR-C-02: Standing, firing musket.
  • FR-C-03: Standing, thrusting bayonet.
  • FR-C-04: Running, holding musket at level.
  • FR-C-05: Running, thrusting bayonet.
  • FR-C-06: Kneeling, holding musket at ready.
  • FR-C-07: Kneeling, firing musket.
  • FR-C-08: Kneeling, holding musket at repel.
  • FR-C-09: Springing forward, thrusting bayonet.

Hopefully, more French Line Infantry Fusilier poses will soon be added to the CATALOGUE, as well as the Officer and Sergeant of British Highland Infantry, and my new range of Maroons, or Cimarrons.