Cimarrons Maroon Negroes toy soldiers scale 54mm 1/32 War Austrian Succession SYW FIW
Now available! Cimarrons!
17 Apr 2021 / Nino /

Here are the masters of a few more Cimarrons, or Maroon Negroes, which I have sculpted to increment the new range of Black African native figures that I have started some time back (see here and here).

I have already made the rubber molds for most of the new figures, and resin castings are now available in a variety of poses, which I have obtained by combining the many different body and arm poses (see in the CATALOGUE page under the grouping “Black Africans”, here).

These redoubtable runaway slaves come armed with a variety of weapons, including machetes and cutlasses, plundered hunting guns, carbines and pistols, as well as weapons of native West African design, such as javelins and bow-and-arrows.

Their typical kit includes small bags or haversacks containing their (scarce) food rations and (even scarcer) supply of shot, gourd canteens for water or black powder, as well as the occasional European powder flask.

Most of these Cimarrons wear nothing but a loin cloth, in a fashion reminiscent of their West African origin, but a few of them sport coarse white pantaloons, and colored  bandannas and head-wraps.


Some of my new Cimarron figures, notably those armed with muskets and musketoons, may be easily converted into Free Black militiamen or rangers,  the most valuable auxiliaries to the often unfit European colonial troops sent into the wilderness of the Tropics to hunt down the elusive runaways…

Many of these Maroons may also fit well in a West African slave-trade raid scenario, or in a pirate/buccaneer setting…

Suggested reading:

Expedition to Surinam – Being the narrative of a five years expedition against the revolted Negroes of Surinam in Guiana on the wild coast of South America from the year 1772 to 1777, elucidating that country and describing its productions with an account of Indians of Guiana and Negroes of Guinea, by Captain John Stedman, newly edited and abridged by Christopher Bryant, and illustrated with engravings selected from the earliest  edition themselves made after drawings by the author.

  1. Another great set. I am keen to add them to my collection.:)

  2. Thank you Anthony!