horses 54mm toy soldiers 1:32
06 Feb 2017 / Nino /

I am going to add some mounted figures to my range. To start with, I will make Hungarian and French hussars of the War of the Austrian Succession, and for that I need… horses.

At that time, hussars were employed exclusively as light cavalry skirmishers. Their mounts were small, rugged Eastern European horses, about 1.40 to 1.50 m at the withers (13.3 to 14.3 hands). In the 1:32 scale, this converts into about 44 to 47 mm.

As for my soldier miniatures, I started with sculpting a horse mannequin using DURO putty. For my first horse, I wanted a rather neutral pose that would fit in most situations. I studied many horse pictures, and in the event I opted for an ambling pose.

I sectioned the mannequin in three parts: right-hand side, left-hand side, and forehead with ears. At this stage, I left aside the mane, the tail, and the horseshoes. I will convert resin castings of this first mannequin into other horse mannequins in different poses, as well as produce the actual horse masters.