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More light-cavalry horses
31 May 2018 / Nino /

Starting from resin castings of my ambling light-cavalry horse mannequin (see here), I have sculpted mannequins for three more horses in the following poses: trotting, galloping, and leaping.

Two more galloping poses have come out for free by combining the sides of some of the above mannequins.

As with my first horse mannequin, I concentrated on the poses and left aside such details as the mane, tail and horseshoes.

The next step will be that of dressing the five new mannequins into as many  tacked-up hussar horse masters, thus bringing the total of my horse poses to six different poses.

Meanwhile, I am also working on a number of additional hussar poses fighting with saber, carbine, and pistol, including perhaps one or two dismounted troopers…