French regulars toy soldiers 54mm 1/32 War Austrian Succession SYW FIW
French regular infantry masters
08 Feb 2020 / Nino /

You can see here the masters of my first French regular infantry figures, a much needed addition to my War-of-the-Austrian-Succession range.

These French line infantry fusiliers (equivalent to British musketeers), come in the following poses:

  • Standing, holding musket at ready.
  • Standing, firing musket.
  • Standing, thrusting bayonet.
  • Standing, charging bayonet breast-high.
  • Standing, thrusting bayonet shoulder-high.
  • Kneeling, holding musket at ready.
  • Kneeling, firing musket.

For the standing figures involved in hand-to-hand combat I have used slightly more animated body poses than for their firing and at-ready counterparts.

I have kept the soldiers’ kit to the very minimum, just the cartridge box and sword/bayonet frog. I plan to sculpt a few pose variants at a future time, though, adding items like powder flask, haversack and water canteen.

I should soon complete a couple more poses. At the same time, I am working on a few more poses for my British regulars, too, so as to have more or less equivalent poses for both the French and the British.


I am not aware of period works depicting the uniforms and equipment of the French regular infantry of the 1740s (nothing of the kind of the Cloathing Book, or of similar illustrated books and manuscripts that are available for the armies of other European powers of the time, which is indeed surprising, as the French then maintained the largest and most respected army in Europe. The only available primary visual sources I found for the 1740s consist of a handful of pieces of pictorial evidence (paintings, drawings, prints), and a few extant original items, mostly in the Hôtel des Invalids in Paris and other museums and historical sites in Europe and North America.

I have, therefore, relied on written information found in modern research works, cross-referenced with the occasional pictorial piece of evidence.

  1. Hi Nino
    I like your new sculpts.
    Please tell me when they are available for purchase


  2. Thank you Anthony for your support!
    I will let you know when the molds are ready and the new figures available.

  3. Beautiful sculpts. Can you please notify me when these are available? Definitely want some.

  4. Thank you, I will certainly do!

  5. robert kirchner

    Very nice additions.

  6. Thank you, Robert. I am slow at making the molds, though…

  7. Figures look good. Please let me know when they will be ready for purchase.