Highlanders toy soldiers 54mm 1/32 War Austrian Succession SYW
First Highlanders figures now available
04 Dec 2018 / Nino /

After some time since I posted the pictures of my Government Highlander master (see here), here come my first two Highlanders figures.

The poses are maybe a bit conventional, but all in all well suited for setting up a regular infantry war game unit…

I painted a couple of figures in the Black Watch, or Government Sett tartan, and am quite pleased with the result.

Painting the belted plaid proved less difficult than I had anticipated. I painted the base color in a mixture of matt dark green and blue enamels (I paint all my figures in matt HUMBROL enamels, then give them a coat of protective, semi-gloss acrylic varnish). I painted the shadow areas with a darker mixture of the same colors, and picked up the highlights with green only (the shadowing and highlighting do not show much in the finished figures, though, so I might as well have skipped that phase…).

Then, making careful reference to the pen pattern that I had drawn on the “clothed” artist’s mannequin I used as a model when I sculpted the master, I painted in the light green squares, one light square followed by two dark square spaces in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

Finally, I drew a grid of wide blue-black lines along the sides of the light green squares, and one of narrower lines across each square, both light and dark.