Canadians FIW SYW
07 Jan 2017 / Nino /

These are the master and primed metal casting of one of my Canadians, a Militiaman or maybe a Coureur des Bois, ca. 1745.

As usual, the starting point is a resin casting of one of my anatomy mannequins, to which I have added the details with DURO epoxy putty.

I made the head in A+B putty, but later I added some details with DURO. The musket, the axe, and the powder horn are metal castings obtained from my weapon and equipment masters.

The musket is a Fusil de Chasse (hunting gun) manufactured in Tulle, France, a light-weight, dependable weapon popular with the Canadians and traded to the savage nations allied to the French.

The same basic figure (primary or body pose) can be fitted with alternative arms to obtain one or more secondary poses. In addition, different heads can be used to multiply the poses.