Woodland Indian

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Woodland Indian

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Most warriors from the native nations fighting alongside the French would have gone to war wearing only trade-cloth breechclout and center-seam moccasins. Many would also have worn leather mitasses or trade-cloth leggings for additional leg protection, while some may have sported a linen shirt of European manufacture. Waist sashes were also popular.

Hair was worn according to each warrior’s own fancy, apparently the prevailing style consiting in shaving the front half of the head but leaving the hair grow longer at the back, sometimes with one or more braided or wrapped locks being singled out. Bird feathers and plumes were often attached to the warrior’s hair, as well as strings of shells, quills, or beads. In addition, some braves would have worn a distinctive porcupine-quill or moose-hair roach, typically dyed vermillion.

Tattoing, a widespread practice at earlier times, is still attested in the 1730s and 1740s, although by then face and body paint appears to have rather been the norm, the most popular color schemes including red, black and green.

Weapons would have included one or more knives, a trade axe, or a wooden war club, and a musket, most likely a Tulle Fusil de Chasse, the most popular trade gun of the FIW era. A large powder horn and ammunition pouch would have attested for the ample supply of ball and powder these savage frontier raiders were granted by the French in exchange for their gruesome services…



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